Gluten Free Desert Anyone?

My Gluten-free niece and I went to the Vitamin Cottage in search of some sweets.  I got Pamela’s Cheese Cake, Oh Boy, so good.  I went back and got another today…and am eating it whilst I blog.  It is really, really, really good.  Could compete with the best gluten filled cheese cake, but of course, it is gluten-free.  Pamela also makes some cookies that I like: Chocolate, chocolate chip, shortbread, chocolate chip are my favorite, I don’t care for the ginger or peanut butter.  To each his own.

Hail Merry was Nicole’s choice (Gluten-free deliciousness she called it.)  She says that it is her favorite.  I tried it and thought that it was very good, but to be honest, I was still bathing in the glory of the cheesecake.  And I prefer cheesecake.   I couldn’t focus on her desert.  What I mean to say; if I tried her desert on a day that wasn’t tainted by my cheesecake glory, I would probably be blabbing on and on about the glory of the tart.  Win, win is my verdict on these two deserts.

Gluten In My Vitamins! ? !

Gluten Free, Diary Free & Raw, What More Can I Ask For?

Did you ever stop to think that your supplements may contain gluten?  Although it seems that supplement/vitamin companies are quickly removing allergens, including wheat and gluten from their products, it is a definite concern to those of us that have celiac disease or the need to be gluten-free.

Sometimes the gluten is in the capsule, or in the formula that makes the tablet stick together.  Sometimes the supplement is derived from wheat, for example: vitamin E can come from wheat.  Who knew?  Maybe you did, but it took me some time to figure it out.  I do not buy a supplement unless it says gluten-free on the label.  Lucky for us, there are a lot of choices in the market.  Also, lucky for us, many stores have gluten-free labels on the shelf (Vitamin Cottage is very knowledgeable, Sunflower Markets, Whole Foods as well, and has a gluten-free sort.

For many, many reasons, I do not cheap out on vitamins, but one reason that hugely relates to our gluten-free needs, many ‘lesser quality’ vitamins use fillers, and often, those fillers have gluten.  Read the label, look for a gluten-free decloration.  You will feel better when you know that you are supplementing gluten-free!

Honestly, who can resist a delicious gummy vitamin?  Thanks for saying gluten free right on the label!

Gluten-Free Restaurants Again

Thank you to these establishments for having gluten free options or gluten free menu’s!

Modmarket  Chain, also found in Denver, CO area..  Fresh, inexpensive, delicious, good for you and many gluten-free options.  I ate here for the first time recently.  I had an eggplant on a gluten-free wrap, after a few bites, I had to check with the staff member to make sure the wrap was gluten-free because it was so chewy and delicious.  I made my husband try it and he said “it tastes like real flat bread.”  Huh? what does fake bread taste like my dear spouse?  You know what he means though don’t you?  They have gluten-free pizza here too.  I will be going back to try more gluten-free deliciousness at Modmarket.

Bombay Clay Oven Denver, CO.  Gluten-Free Lunch buffet. (And dinner too!)  They have signs on the food buffet that indicate what is gluten-free and 90% of it is yours for the taking.  (They also have a gluten-free menu) Such good food; I believe most or all menu items are southern Indian fare.  Here is the thing: they have gluten-free savory ‘donuts’ and gluten-free dosa’s.  Okay, it isn’t really a donut, but they have two different dumpling like items that I do not know the name of …but they are a real treat!  The one does have a hole, so I am calling it a savory donut.  Did you hear me the first time; dosa’s!!!!  The restaurant staff seems well-educated on gluten-free food.  I am not a buffet person, but their’s is an exception to my rule, it is soooooooo good, and fresh.  Enjoy!

Gluten-free dosa! Yummy!

Gluten-Free (GF) and Non-dairy (ND) indicators on the menu.

Sitar Music To Enjoy Whilst Dining Gluten-Free

Udi’s Pizza Cafe and other Udi’s restaurants and Udi’s Blog  Seriously Udi’s? You’ve got it going on!  I am a regular at the Udi’s Pizza Cafe in Arvada, CO, but I had to include their other restaurants, and blog.  And, while I am at it, you do know that they have a gluten-free bread line right?  I love this restaurant, it has pizza, sandwiches and so many other choices!  My favorite:  the pizza margherita or the Pizza with truffle sauce and mushrooms.  Okay, and I love the eggplant sandwich too.  You can’t go wrong here!  Gluten-Free beer served here:  Greens and New Planet.

Saucy’s located in Littleton, CO.  Yum.  I had a pizza and it was 4 out of 5 stars.  But, what gets me really excited about this restaurant, and I will eat here again, is that they have gluten-free garlic bread, gluten-free cinnamon bread, gluten-free pasta, gluten-free beer, gluten-free sausage.  Am I missing anything?  Possibly, so much gluten-free goodness.  The staff is very knowledgeable concerning gluten-free dining.  Callie helped me out with my gluten free menu choices and was awesome, showing great concern to keep my food uncontamintated with gluten.  I will let some pictures finish the review:

Most Of The Items On This Menu Board Can Be Made Gluten-Free!  Thanks Saucy’s

Gluten-Free Sandwich Wrap

I hate to bash someone who is trying to make a gluten-free product, because I really do appreciate the effort.  But, I tried this wrap, I gently heated it, I just didn’t care for it.  It wasn’t terrible, but it was crumbly.  My gluten-free niece and I tried it both cold and warmed and neither one of us would buy it again unless they changed the recipe.  Not all reviews can have the delicious rating right?  I know that a good wrap exists, because I ate a wrap at ModMarket and it tasted like the old days before I was gluten-free.

Gluten Free Beer Made From Barley? !

I just read that Omission Beer is making gluten free beer from barley!  Huh?  The website says:  “Omission beer is brewed with traditional beer ingredients:  malted barley, hops, yeast and water.”

I am going to let their website do the explaining, all I know is that I will be looking to try some gluten free beer ASAP!

Go to the link to read about gluten free beer by Omission, but in the meantime, here is a little cut and paste straight from their website FAQ’s:


According to federal guidelines, we aren’t legally allowed to claim that Omission beer is gluten-free outside of Oregon because the beer is brewed with malted barley. While the FDA proposed to define the term “gluten-free,” that definition has not been formally adopted by the organization.

Part of the definition proposed in 2007, and again in 2011, states that a product may not be labeled as gluten-free if it contains “an ingredient that is derived from a prohibited grain that has been processed to remove gluten, if the use of that ingredient results in the presence of 20 parts per million (ppm) or more gluten in the food.”

While Omission beer does contain barley, one of the “prohibited grains” in this definition, all batches are tested by an independent lab using the R5 Competitive ELISA to ensure that gluten levels meet our standards.  Although scientific evidence supports the testing, the evidence is not conclusive.  All Omission beer test results can be viewed at:

If you have had the pleasure of trying this beer, please let me know what you think!

Gluten Free Restaurants, Denver, CO Area

Aren’t we lucky in Denver, CO,…we have so many gluten-free restaurant choices!  Thank you to these restaurants!

Saigon Landing, Evergreen, CO.  I would rate the food here hit and miss, must be more of a hit, because I do go back to the establishment.  They have some delicious, fresh food.  I do not love the noodle bowls, but do you know what I do love?  The papaya salad, and many of their curry dishes.  Do you know what else I love, the owner/wait staff really knows gluten free.  I received an education from the man on hidden gluten in MSG.  I feel that you are safe here if you need to eat gluten free.  You need to learn what dishes are good;  I did just give you a good hint a few sentences ago.  Do not let it stop you from going; one of the wait staff, is not warm and fuzzy, but he is going to keep the gluten out of your food, so give him some credit please!

The Oven Littleton, CO, Belmar.  I had a great pizza here.  It felt so old school Italian with the big long tables, that you share with other patrons, I liked it quite a bit!  The pizza I ordered had prosciutto on it.  Yum.  And, I also had a delicious, goat cheese salad, fancy and tasty.  The manager came over to the table, was very friendly, and seemed knowledgeable about gluten-free and cross contamination.  He informed me that their sausage was gluten free.  Thank you Mr. Manager, because some people do not realize that gluten lurks within sausage!  So, you guessed it, I went back for the sausage ‘sandwich’ which comes without bread….even for regular folk.   Yum.  I will go back again.  I am going to take a fellow celiac friend to The Oven next week!

I realize that you want to see a picture of the delicious pizza and salad that I had, my apologies, I devoured it before remembering to take a photo.  Mea culpa

FREE Gluten-Free Seminar In Denver Area

Lakewood & Green Mountain, CO June 10

Evergreen, Colorado June 24

Grand Junction, June 23

Colorado Springs, July 10 & Aug 18

Gluten Free Seminar and Gluten Free Health Fair!

Healthy Gluten-Free Living At Natural Grocers/Vitamin Cottage.

Whether you are new to gluten-free living or well established, do not miss this opportunity to better educate yourself and taste gluten free products, compliments of the Natural Grocers/Vitamin Cottage.  I was able to attend for a small amount of time last year and the nutritionist presented a plethora of valuable material.  They had printed hand outs, reading material, menu plans and plenty of helpful recommendations.  The staff at Vitamin Cottage is usually VERY knowledgeable.

My favorite part came when I strolled around the store and was able to taste many gluten-free products being showcased by gluten-free vendors.  So nice to be able to taste the food instead of  spending the money to learn whether or not you like the product.  Last time I attended, I discovered four or five new products..  This is a great opportunity, take advantage of it if you are able!
gluten free, gluten free seminar, gluten free health fair, gluten free diet

Gluten Free – Dairy Free Smoothie Protein Mix

So, I got a new blender, a BlendTec and have been making a lot of smoothies;  I decided that I needed to add some protein to my smoothie.  I wanted gluten-free and dairy-free.  There are a lot of protein powders out there, but start looking for dairy-free and gluten-free and you are limited.   I tried Vega and was very pleasantly surprised!  I tried chocolate and vanilla. I believe that the main source or protein comes from green peas and one serving contains 12 grams of protein.  I have been blending black cherries, other fruits and chocolate Vega, and I am convinced that it is a desert, that is good for me!  Soooo  yummy!

Vega’s label says; “Vega Shake & GO Smoothie is a delicious, healthy pant-based beverage ideal for the entire family.  Packed full of nutrients including protein, fibre, Omega-3, probiotics, and greens, it combines whole food goodness with fast food convenience.”  You can add it to water, or like I do….add it to your smoothie.  It really is delicious!  I bought mine at the Vitamin Cottage, where it caught my attention because of the gluten-free label.  Gluten–free and dairy-free was a no-brainer, and I am glad that I gave it a try.  I will definitely try another flavor and for sure buy more chocolate and vanilla.

Gluten Free Skin Care Line “Aruba Aloe”

Today I had the good fortune of stumbling into a store named “Aruba Aloe“.  A skin-care based company and all of their products are gluten-free!  How nice is that? But wait, there is more:  it is a family owned business, in Aruba, they have an online store and two store fronts in the U.S.A., one in Cherry Creek, CO and one in Belmar, Lakewood, CO.  They have three skin care lines, one is a Hypoallergenic line, One is an Aromatherapy line (Desert Bloom), and one line that has plant extracts to help solve skin problems.  They have a sun-care line that fits within these product lines.

I spoke with Dawn Jolliffe, Store owner, and she was very knowledgeable about the products, and the purposes that they served, she was knowledgeable about ingredients, which is alway nice to hear when you are shopping for pure, gluten-free skin care.  The aloe is grown in Aruba and is handled very carefully, never heated, and never broken down, just pure aloe.  She told me that they have stores in Aruba and St. Martin; and check this out, the queen and princess of Aruba have been to visit their aloe/product production site on more than one occasion, and uses their products, and hey, if it meets the standard of a queen, I am certainly going to give it a try! I asked Dawn about the use of paraben’s as preservative, and she said that some of the products do contain a minimal amount of paraben’s.

I started by purchasing the Skin Care Gel (gluten-free) and the lip sunscreen and moisturizer.  I have only used it for a day, but I like it so far, and it is always good to know that it is gluten-free (so important what we gluten-free people put on our lips!)!  A friend purchased the lotion from the aromatherapy line, she loved the scent, I did as well.  And for the many people who are concerned about the social integrity of their products; this one uses post-recycled packaging, and it is not tested on animals.  And for the Colorado faction, they are moving their U.S. operations to the Denver area very soon.


Since purchasing this aloe a week or two ago, I would like to say that I add the aloe to my body care oil and have noticed a difference in my dry skin.  I also tried it inside of my dry nose and it has helped with that as well.  Thanks Aruba Aloe.

Gluten-Free Beer List Best/Worst

For the gluten-free friends that are looking for a good beer, I am reposting a blog list:

Too add my two cents, I do not agree with everything stated on this line of ‘research’ that Mr. Jackson conducted, although, I haven’t had the pleasure of trying all of them.  I personally; still stick with Greens and New Planet (Not the raspberry, I don’t care for fruity beer) as my best choices.  But thank you Mr. Jackson, I will consider your choices, and make an effort to try all of the beers that you listed.

By Josh Jackson   click on these words below to see the actual list:

The 14 Best (and Worst) Gluten-Free Beers

The 14 Best (and Worst) Gluten-Free BeersList of the Day

For beer lovers, getting diagnosed with a gluten allergy or intolerance used to be like a music fan losing his hearing. But several breweries are doing their best to create products that those who can’t (or choose not to) consume gluten, which is found in crucial beer ingredients like barley and wheat.

We tracked down every style of gluten-free beer we could get our hands for what is the most comprehensive gluten-free-beer tasting we’re aware of. We invited a couple of our gluten-avoiding friends, including Paste games editor Garrett Martin.

Here they are, from worst to best, judged on taste and beer-like-ness.

The Worst Gluten-Free Beers

14. St. Peter’s Sorgham Beer
Style: German Pilsner
City: Bungay, Suffolk, UK
ABV: 4.2%
Key Ingredients: Sorghum
% Like Beer: 50%
For Fans Of: All the wrong kinds of bitter
The verdict: One of the things we realized during our tasting is that it must be difficult to make a hoppy gluten-free beer, but St. Peter’s was one of two that pulled it off. Unfortunately, the bitter flavor was just all kinds of wrong, leaving a funky aftertaste. We’re kind of wondering if we just got a bad bottle

13. New Planet 3R Raspberry Ale
Style: Fruit Beer
City: Boulder, Colo.
ABV: 5%
Key Ingredients: Raspberries
% Like Beer: 0%
For Fans Of: Izze and champagne
The verdict: We didn’t think this tasted too bad, but it was the most un-beer-like of the bunch—all fruity effervescence. The only way to identify this as beer is because it says so on the label.

12. New Grist Sorghum Beer
Brewery: Lakefront
Style: Fruit beer
City: Milwaukee, Wisc.
ABV: 5.75%
Key Ingredients: Sorghum
% Like Beer: 40%
For Fans Of: PBR
The verdict: The words PBR appeared on a couple of different ballots, along with comments like “lacking in taste.”

11. Daura
Brewery: Estrella Damm
Style: Lager
City: Barcelona, Spain
ABV: 5.4%
Key Ingredients: Gluten-free barley malt
% Like Beer: 60%
For Fans Of: Bud
The verdict: Another offering that tasted like a fairly weak lager, this Spanish beer is priced like Chimay but tastes like Budwieser.

The Best Gluten-Free Beers

10. Redbridge
Brewery: Anheuser-Busch
Style: Red Lager
City: St. Louis, Mo.
ABV: 4%
Key Ingredients: Sorghum
% Like Beer: 80%
For Fans Of: Yuengling
The verdict: We don’t have much love for Anheuser-Busch, but they’ve at least produced a gluten-free beer that tastes as good as their other lagers.

9. New Planet Tread Lightly
Style: Blonde Ale
City: Boulder, Colo.
ABV: 5%
Key Ingredients: Sorghum, corn, orange peel, hops, yeast
% Like Beer: 40%
For Fans Of: Hard cider
The verdict: A tasty crisp cider/beer hybrid with much more flavor than New Grist or Daura. Still not hitting that “beer” target in the dead center, but a good option nonetheless.

8. Bard’s Tale Dragon’s Gold
Style: Brown Ale
City: Buffalo, N.Y.
ABV: 4.3%
Key Ingredients: Sorghum, yeast, hops and water
% Like Beer: 75%
For Fans Of: Newcastle
The verdict: A reasonably bold flavor and a good option for a gluten-free session beer. This had few passionate fans but also few detractors.

7. Dogfish Head Tweason’Ale
Style: Fruit Beer
City: Milton, Del.
ABV: 6%
Key Ingredients: Strawberries, sorghum, honey
% Like Beer: 35%
For Fans Of: Lindeman’s Framboise
The verdict: The fruitiness of the strawberries is balanced by mild hoppy tones. Leave it to Dogfish Head to create an “off-centered” ale without gluten. One of the most interesting of the bunch, if not the most recognizably beer-like.

6. Green’s Discovery
Style: English Strong Amber Ale
City: Baildon Shipley West Yorkshire, UK
ABV: 6%
Key Ingredients: Sorghum, rice and buckwheat
% Like Beer: 85%
For Fans Of: New Belgium Fat Tire
The verdict: Here we’re starting to find viable alternatives for lovers of craft beer. Even our least favorite from Belgian brewer Green’s outclassed most of the domestic competition.

5. New Planet Off the Grid Pale Ale
Style: American Pale Ale
City: Boulder, Colo.
ABV: 5%
Key Ingredients: Hops
% Like Beer: 85%
For Fans Of: American-style IPAs
The verdict: For IPA and pale ale lovers, New Planet’s Off the Grid is the clear choice. Hoppy and crisp, it delivers on the promise of American craft-brewed ales.

4. Green’s Quest
Style: Belgian Tripel
City: Baildon Shipley West Yorkshire, UK
ABV: 8.5%
Key Ingredients: Sorghum, rice, buckwheat
% Like Beer: 90%
For Fans Of: Belgian beers
The verdict: A good example of a mellower, low-ABVBelgian Tripel. Spiced, sweet and aromatic, this has already made many a Celiac happy.

3. Brunehaut Ambrée
Style: Amber Ale
City: Brunehaut, Belgium
ABV: 6.5%
Key Ingredients: Barley (with gluten-extracted)
% Like Beer: 100%
For Fans Of: Ommegang Abbey Ale
The verdict: Belgian brewery Brunehaut has figured out how to use barley in its ales and extract the gluten after the fact. Though it measures at the same “less than five parts per million” of gluten that non-barley beers do, it’s regulated by a different government agency in the U.S. and can’t use the “gluten-free” tag. But it’s the best solution we’ve seen yet for those with gluten allergies.

2. Green’s Endeavor
Style: Belgian Dubbel
City: Baildon Shipley West Yorkshire, UK
ABV: 7%
Key Ingredients: Belgian candi sugars, Belgian yeast
% Like Beer: 100%
For Fans Of: McChouffe
The verdict: The Green’s Belgian Dubbel was rich and flavorful—I’m personally okay with gluten, but I’d order this over a lot of “regular” beers. If you love sweet, dark, malty beers, this one is for you.

1. Brunehaut Bio Blonde
Style: Belgian Tripel
City: Brunehaut, Belgium
ABV: 5%
Key Ingredients: Barley (with gluten-extracted)
% Like Beer: 100%
For Fans Of: Maredsous 8
The verdict: Not just a great gluten-free beer but a great beer, Brunehaut’s Blonde is a well-balanced Tripel and a wonderful step forward in the world of gluten-free beer. Starting with barley and extracting gluten from it seems to be the best way to go.

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