Gluten Free Living Magazine – A Great Resource

Gluten-Free Living Magazine has been a big help to me in my quest to be gluten-free.

The subscription rate of the magazine at first glance seems to be too pricey, at least to me, but I subscribed.  I really like the magazine and find it helpful and well worth the price.  Mostly I like their tips on finding gluten hidden in ingredients.  They discuss things like; modified food starch…is it safe?  At one point, modified food starch did not cross my mind as being a source of gluten; (MFS is not a big source of gluten as it turns out, but gluten could potentially be in it), I learned much from this article.  I learned to think differently about reading ingredients and where gluten can hide. With every new magazine, I discover something helpful, the magazine has recipes, ideas for meals and advertisers of gluten-free products with occasional coupons in addition to the articles.

Recently the Gluten-Free Living Magazine had an article about the latest findings; what tests, with regards to diagnosing Celiac’s were relevant, and which were no longer relevant.  It seems that the medical field is always changing their opinions and testing techniques with regard to Celiac’s disease.  Often times, I learn more from this magazine than I do from local health care professionals; I find that some physicians are not well-informed with regards to Celiac’s and testing.  The medical field is dedicating more research to Celiac’s Disease, and making strides, but, my opinion is that you need to seek a physician that is learned in Celiac’s disease.  (Alas, finding a doctor, another blog topic.)  Gluten-Free Living Magazine is a one-stop resource that gathers medical professionals, nutritionists, and producers of gluten-Free products and other experts into one convenient source, plus you might discover a new product or recipe that you like!

I deem this tool, Gluten-Free Magazine, a tool that Gluten-Free People can not live without!


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