My Latest Gluten-Free Conditioner

I like to change my shampoo and conditioner somewhat frequently.  Lucky for me, there are more and more quality products becoming available to us gluten-free people.  I would definitely buy this product again, it is by Acure and I tried the Pure Mint.  Mint would not be my first fragrance choice for hair care, but I chose it because it seemed to be the perfect match for my needs.  (My hair is fine, but I have lots of it, it tends to be oily while at the same time having dry ends, and it is color treated.)  The conditioner felt nice and rich going in, I thought that it might weigh my hair down…but it did not!  My results were: it was as if I used a heavy conditioner that corrected my dryness, but it rinsed out and left my hair light and manageable.  It left no weight/film behind.

It is Gluten-free, fair trade certified, vegan, sulfate, paraben, phthalate and cruelty free!  (They use Quinoa Protein to keep in a quality conditioning agent and still  keeping it gluten-free)   It is also filled with many organic ingredients.  Try it, enjoy nice hair and no itchy scalp….because it is gluten-free!

One more thing, the price is nice.  I got it at VitaCost for under $10.00.  I used their gluten-free search to find it.


  1. Hellen Krazinsky

    I tried this shampoo and conditioner line and really liked it too! Do you know more about whether or not they have more in their product line? Face cream, body lotions? I make my own lotion a couple times a year, but would like to find a good lotion to buy. Sometimes, I am too busy to make my own! Thanks for the information.

  2. Nicole

    I also tried this shampoo and conditioner, I have dry hair and it seems to work really well with leaving my hair not too dried out like some other shampoo and conditioners do. I don’t know about other product lines for face cream by this brand but Mychelle works really well for me and you can usually find it on sale on vitacost.

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