Body Scrub – Sugar Scrub – Gluten Free And Tailor To YOUR Needs!

Are you looking for a way to moisturize your skin naturally?  It is really easy to make a body scrub, and tailor the scrub to your needs and desires.

I take an empty container, add organic sugar (about 1/2 of the container), then I add a splash or two of Vanilla. (Vanilla will ‘sweeten’ and enhance the essential oils that you will add.)  I use a combination of Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and sometimes Sesame Oil.  As far as essential oils are concerned, you may use a scent that  you like, maybe lavender, or if you have eczema, you may chose something like German camomile to help with your condition.  I like to use a mix of Clary Sage & Ylang  Ylang which is supposed to help with balancing hormones.  There is no way to ‘mess’ this up!  You can scent it as strong as you like, or not at all.

Be creative, you can really help your body in numerous ways with this oil treatment.  Essential Oils, can be added to support an emotional mood, or try to combat eczema, aromatherapy, or just because you like the smell!  Young Living has a place on their website that suggest oils and oil blends for various purposes (calming, hormone balance, sleep enhancement etc.)  Here is another place to read about the uses for essential oils:   Aromatherapy Essential Oils Profile  & Natures Gift.   I purchase my oils from Young Living, Julia Rose or Vita Cost, they are gluten-free friendly places to shop.

Next, have you read about ayurvedic massage?  I was tought by an ayurvedic doctor to do a massage daily if possible.  The benefits are endless (improved circulation, radiant skin, toxin release, nourish joints), take a minute to check out this blog about AYURVEDIC Massage for the many reasons that you should add this oil/massage to your shower or daily routine!  People have different dosha’s (different body make-up/conditions) and that is why different oils are used.  Again, you really can’t mess up your oil recipe, but if it helps to use the ones that are best matched to your body type, then why not?  Just take a few minutes to take a dosha quiz and you will have an idea of which oils are best for you!  I take a few minutes at the end of my shower to do a quick massage, my skins is softer and maybe I have done myself a dozen other favors with the massage (i.e. circulation, exfoliation, detox, etc.); then, rinse off  the sugar, the oil stays and your soft skin!

As you can see by my picture of the ingredients, I try to use pure, organic, gluten-free products.  It is all edible…which is what your skin wants and needs!  Remember, you skin is your largest organ, and it ‘eats’ what you put on it!  So chose your ingredients wisely!  Also, if you don’t want to add the sugar ingredient;  that is, you do not want a scrub, then leave it out and you will have a nice oil (which is better for the massage).  Keep in mind that if you live in a colder place, like I do, your coconut oil will be solid white (see picture below), no worries, I put my oil on the heat/register or run it under my shower water and it quickly melts.

If you have any ideas or favorite oil/scrub recipes, I would love to hear about them!


  1. Joanne Kisbee

    I will try to make this delicious scrub and use it regularly.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Sue

    I have made similar scrubs and it is amazing how my skin feels afterwards. I have made a hand scrub using similar ingredients, except, take out the sugar and add in a quality sea salt. I prefer dead sea salt that is not too large in granular size. Use less oil to make it a thick paste and use it to buff your hands.
    Have you ever used brown sugar? I prefer that to the white sugar.

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