Gluten Free – Dairy Free Smoothie Protein Mix

So, I got a new blender, a BlendTec and have been making a lot of smoothies;  I decided that I needed to add some protein to my smoothie.  I wanted gluten-free and dairy-free.  There are a lot of protein powders out there, but start looking for dairy-free and gluten-free and you are limited.   I tried Vega and was very pleasantly surprised!  I tried chocolate and vanilla. I believe that the main source or protein comes from green peas and one serving contains 12 grams of protein.  I have been blending black cherries, other fruits and chocolate Vega, and I am convinced that it is a desert, that is good for me!  Soooo  yummy!

Vega’s label says; “Vega Shake & GO Smoothie is a delicious, healthy pant-based beverage ideal for the entire family.  Packed full of nutrients including protein, fibre, Omega-3, probiotics, and greens, it combines whole food goodness with fast food convenience.”  You can add it to water, or like I do….add it to your smoothie.  It really is delicious!  I bought mine at the Vitamin Cottage, where it caught my attention because of the gluten-free label.  Gluten–free and dairy-free was a no-brainer, and I am glad that I gave it a try.  I will definitely try another flavor and for sure buy more chocolate and vanilla.


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  1. Chocolate is my favorite!

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