FREE Gluten-Free Seminar In Denver Area

Lakewood & Green Mountain, CO June 10

Evergreen, Colorado June 24

Grand Junction, June 23

Colorado Springs, July 10 & Aug 18

Gluten Free Seminar and Gluten Free Health Fair!

Healthy Gluten-Free Living At Natural Grocers/Vitamin Cottage.

Whether you are new to gluten-free living or well established, do not miss this opportunity to better educate yourself and taste gluten free products, compliments of the Natural Grocers/Vitamin Cottage.  I was able to attend for a small amount of time last year and the nutritionist presented a plethora of valuable material.  They had printed hand outs, reading material, menu plans and plenty of helpful recommendations.  The staff at Vitamin Cottage is usually VERY knowledgeable.

My favorite part came when I strolled around the store and was able to taste many gluten-free products being showcased by gluten-free vendors.  So nice to be able to taste the food instead of  spending the money to learn whether or not you like the product.  Last time I attended, I discovered four or five new products..  This is a great opportunity, take advantage of it if you are able!
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