Gluten Free Restaurants, Denver, CO Area

Aren’t we lucky in Denver, CO,…we have so many gluten-free restaurant choices!  Thank you to these restaurants!

Saigon Landing, Evergreen, CO.  I would rate the food here hit and miss, must be more of a hit, because I do go back to the establishment.  They have some delicious, fresh food.  I do not love the noodle bowls, but do you know what I do love?  The papaya salad, and many of their curry dishes.  Do you know what else I love, the owner/wait staff really knows gluten free.  I received an education from the man on hidden gluten in MSG.  I feel that you are safe here if you need to eat gluten free.  You need to learn what dishes are good;  I did just give you a good hint a few sentences ago.  Do not let it stop you from going; one of the wait staff, is not warm and fuzzy, but he is going to keep the gluten out of your food, so give him some credit please!

The Oven Littleton, CO, Belmar.  I had a great pizza here.  It felt so old school Italian with the big long tables, that you share with other patrons, I liked it quite a bit!  The pizza I ordered had prosciutto on it.  Yum.  And, I also had a delicious, goat cheese salad, fancy and tasty.  The manager came over to the table, was very friendly, and seemed knowledgeable about gluten-free and cross contamination.  He informed me that their sausage was gluten free.  Thank you Mr. Manager, because some people do not realize that gluten lurks within sausage!  So, you guessed it, I went back for the sausage ‘sandwich’ which comes without bread….even for regular folk.   Yum.  I will go back again.  I am going to take a fellow celiac friend to The Oven next week!

I realize that you want to see a picture of the delicious pizza and salad that I had, my apologies, I devoured it before remembering to take a photo.  Mea culpa

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