Gluten-Free Sandwich Wrap

I hate to bash someone who is trying to make a gluten-free product, because I really do appreciate the effort.  But, I tried this wrap, I gently heated it, I just didn’t care for it.  It wasn’t terrible, but it was crumbly.  My gluten-free niece and I tried it both cold and warmed and neither one of us would buy it again unless they changed the recipe.  Not all reviews can have the delicious rating right?  I know that a good wrap exists, because I ate a wrap at ModMarket and it tasted like the old days before I was gluten-free.


1 Comment

  1. Jo Kisbee

    Gosh Marge!
    Thanks for the good tip. I will NEVER try it. Thank goodness for your posts. I would be lost without them! I’m serious!

    I will make GF sandwich wraps for you and Nicole soon.

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