Monthly Archives: July, 2012

Gluten Free Desert Anyone?

My Gluten-free niece and I went to the Vitamin Cottage in search of some sweets.  I got Pamela’s Cheese Cake, Oh Boy, so good.  I went back and got another today…and am eating it whilst I blog.  It is really, really, really good.  Could compete with the best gluten filled cheese cake, but of course, …

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Gluten In My Vitamins! ? !

Gluten Free, Diary Free & Raw, What More Can I Ask For? Did you ever stop to think that your supplements may contain gluten?  Although it seems that supplement/vitamin companies are quickly removing allergens, including wheat and gluten from their products, it is a definite concern to those of us that have celiac disease or …

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Gluten-Free Restaurants Again

Thank you to these establishments for having gluten free options or gluten free menu’s! Modmarket  Chain, also found in Denver, CO area..  Fresh, inexpensive, delicious, good for you and many gluten-free options.  I ate here for the first time recently.  I had an eggplant on a gluten-free wrap, after a few bites, I had to …

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