Gluten In My Vitamins! ? !

Gluten Free, Diary Free & Raw, What More Can I Ask For?

Did you ever stop to think that your supplements may contain gluten?  Although it seems that supplement/vitamin companies are quickly removing allergens, including wheat and gluten from their products, it is a definite concern to those of us that have celiac disease or the need to be gluten-free.

Sometimes the gluten is in the capsule, or in the formula that makes the tablet stick together.  Sometimes the supplement is derived from wheat, for example: vitamin E can come from wheat.  Who knew?  Maybe you did, but it took me some time to figure it out.  I do not buy a supplement unless it says gluten-free on the label.  Lucky for us, there are a lot of choices in the market.  Also, lucky for us, many stores have gluten-free labels on the shelf (Vitamin Cottage is very knowledgeable, Sunflower Markets, Whole Foods as well, and has a gluten-free sort.

For many, many reasons, I do not cheap out on vitamins, but one reason that hugely relates to our gluten-free needs, many ‘lesser quality’ vitamins use fillers, and often, those fillers have gluten.  Read the label, look for a gluten-free decloration.  You will feel better when you know that you are supplementing gluten-free!

Honestly, who can resist a delicious gummy vitamin?  Thanks for saying gluten free right on the label!

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