Gluten Free Desert Anyone?

My Gluten-free niece and I went to the Vitamin Cottage in search of some sweets.  I got Pamela’s Cheese Cake, Oh Boy, so good.  I went back and got another today…and am eating it whilst I blog.  It is really, really, really good.  Could compete with the best gluten filled cheese cake, but of course, it is gluten-free.  Pamela also makes some cookies that I like: Chocolate, chocolate chip, shortbread, chocolate chip are my favorite, I don’t care for the ginger or peanut butter.  To each his own.

Hail Merry was Nicole’s choice (Gluten-free deliciousness she called it.)  She says that it is her favorite.  I tried it and thought that it was very good, but to be honest, I was still bathing in the glory of the cheesecake.  And I prefer cheesecake.   I couldn’t focus on her desert.  What I mean to say; if I tried her desert on a day that wasn’t tainted by my cheesecake glory, I would probably be blabbing on and on about the glory of the tart.  Win, win is my verdict on these two deserts.

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