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Living Without Magazine

The magazine Living Without is a magazine that is beyond gluten free, it is for people with allergies and food sensitivites. This magazine is recipe Intensive.  And, if you are lactose intolerant, this magazine is an extra help to you as Living Without has a narrower focus than just gluten-free recipes.  Keep in mind;  this may …

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“Celiac Disease, A Hidden Epidemic” A Helpful Book For Celiac Disease Sufferer’s

I have read a couple of books about celiac disease at the beginning of my diagnosis.  One of the most helpful books to me was: “Celiac Disease, A Hidden Epidemic” By: Peter Green, MD and Rory Jones.  If you are limited by time and/or resources, this is the quintessential book to help you understand the …

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Gluten Free Living Magazine – A Great Resource

Gluten-Free Living Magazine has been a big help to me in my quest to be gluten-free. The subscription rate of the magazine at first glance seems to be too pricey, at least to me, but I subscribed.  I really like the magazine and find it helpful and well worth the price.  Mostly I like their tips …

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