Purpose Of This Blog


I was diagnosed with Celiac’s disease over 5 years ago.  The motivation for starting this blog came from my struggles with gluten contamination, illness and eczema.  Constantly battling sinus infections and the “itch”, motivated me to do some more internet research.

Some things that were obvious to others, like; vitamin E is often derived from wheat and is in a lot of skin care products, were not obvious to me.  Vitamin E was one of the biggest sources of gluten exposure that I was experiencing.  One day while shopping in the Vitamin Cottage, a sales associate pointed out to me that Vitamin E often contains gluten, since this day, I have thrown away countless skin care, facial care products that contained Vitamin E, i.e. gluten, and my eczema is improving leaps and bounds!

Is Gluten Free body care products important to a gluten free diet? Absolutely!  The eczema that I had was painful, itchy, and it looked bad to myself and others.  Eczema woke me up in he dead of night with burning, itching pain.  A relative of mine with celiac’s experienced dandruff and itchy scalp from the hair care products that she used, because they contained gluten.  Where can one safely find gluten free products?

This blog’s aim is to help those that have had the same struggles that I have experienced in my attempts to be gluten free.  It is a way to direct you to gluten-free products, share tips for those that eat in restaurants often, direct you to helpful publications; to help you find the gluten free products that work and/or taste good!;  to share my findings with you, so that you do not have to use YOUR time searching for answers, to help make finding the gluten free lifestyle easily!

*All information on this blog is based on my experiences since my diagnosis.  I have done research as a layperson, and I am not a medical professional.  All information on this blog should be verified by your physician.


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